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The Legend of the Kingsburg Historical Park


1969: The Kingsburg Historical Society  was organized by ten local citizens. 


1970: A museum was first opened in the Southern Pacific Depot on California Street.


1974: The Kingsburg Historical Society purchased 8.9 acres belonging to Fridolf Anderson for a purchase price of $8,000.


1975: The site is known today as Kingsburg Historical Park.


1975: The old Clay School building and restrooms were moved from their original Smith Avenue location to the Park.The school, built in 1913, was moved in three sections and the bell in the belfry came from the Harrison School, another country school located 3 miles east of Kingsburg. 


1979: The tank house was moved by Neil VanDell from the Jack Tapp ranch on Conejo Avenue to the Park. Collection began of farm machinery, equipment, early printing presses & household items. 


1981: The Peter Olson house was moved from Marion & Earl Streets. Mr. Olson, a carpenter by trade, built his house in 1908. The Joe Ball family was the last to live in it. Jean Smith, Madeline Kinsman and Elsa Smith are credited with supervising the interior redecorating. Various citizens of the community made substantial donations to the refurbishing. The 12 place dinnerware setting in the kitchen was hand painted by a local artisan.


1983: The Olson Bros. Implements &Machinery building was built to house equipment used in the business which started in 1911. The business on Marion Street built and sold some of the earliest farming equipment in the San Joaquin Valley, including the “Swede Pump”. This pump drew water out of the many canals throughout the state.


1988: The sprinkler system and landscaping of the property began. Covered wagons and windmills were donated by Mrs. Al Marshall whose husband was an early dairyman.


1989: The Hall of Fame was built with an estate gift from the late Harry Aslan, Past President of Lions Club International, and houses memorabilia given him on his worldwide travels. The building also houses pictures and data on many local residents.

Rieffel’s Grocery Store was built and the many furnishings came from the original Kingsburg Grocery.


1990: The Medical Building houses many of the fixtures and equipment from the office of the late Dr. Ewald Larson, an early physician and surgeon. The fixtures in the Dentist Office are largely from the office of late Conrad Kolander, D.D.S. Mayor Gordon Satterberg, also a pharmacist, was instrumental in collecting and furnishing the items in the Drug Store. 


1991: The Bottle & Antique items building was built by Archie Olson in memory of his brother Ray, and holds many of his collections. 


1994: A replica of the old fire hall was built to house the 1928 LaFrance fire truck and early ambulance donated by the City of Kingsburg Fire Department. 


1999: Kingsburg Ice Company’s Ice Wagon made in the early 1920’s, is being restored by Stan Ahlstrand. A 1917 White Truck with wooden spokes and rubber tires, this vehicle was donated by Fred and Frances Havenstein. A 1880 Buggy which came over from Sulvang by Augest Smith who bought it on his honey moon. The Buggy was donated by Dave Wiebe.



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