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Mission Statement


  • Advance business, educational and agricultural interests of the Community

  • Create a spirit of cooperation between merchants and the Kingsburg Community

  • Promote the heritage of the Community through festivals and other events


Opportunity To Be Involved
An investment of time spent on a Chamber Committee or task force can reap big benefits for you, your business and your community. We encourage you and your members to join us in our work for positive, balanced growth in Kingsburg.

What Can We Do For You?


We want to know why you are joining the Chamber. Below are many of the of the benefits and services to which you, as a member, would be entitled.


  • Networking / Business Contact           (e.g. Mixers)

  • Advertising / Business or Activity Promotion

  • Professional Development                  (Seminars and Workshops)

  • Business and the Legislature

  • Other

Membership Has Its Privileges
Invest in the Chamber today. Your communityís future depends on the decisions we are making today. We encourage you to help us, as well as to take advantage of the Chamberís many services. Click here for our membership brochure.


What Does The Chamber Do?

The Chamber establishes partnership with leaders from all local chambers, economic development organizations and local government to ensure the regionís economic competitiveness.
The Chamber also promotes and represents the areaís economy. It encourages business and professional investment, broadening the tax base and creating employment. Building a strong community is vital to the growth of all businesses, including yours. If your business is thriving and those around you are not, it will affect you, as empty business spaces take time to replace. By coming together and working as a community we can help each other grow.
The policies and programs are determined by our Board of Directors, elected by the membership. Members are encouraged to participate on committees where the
research and planning is done. The Board of Directors employs staff to organize and execute the Chamberís Program, supplementing the work of the committees

Investments Computation

Employees Investment
1 - 3 Employees $125.00
4 - 6 Employees
7 - 10 Employees $175.00
11 - 15 Employees $250.00
16+ Employees $275.00
Banks, Credit Unions, Investment Firms, or Saving & Loans
Real Estate, CPAís, Physicians, Attorneys, Architects, Engineers, or
$ 200.00
(Per Professional OR per Employee rate as listed above).
Churches, Civic Entities, Veteransí Group, Individuals, or Fraternal Organizations
$ 75.00
Become a Member
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